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Schools are tucking into better health

Maroochydore State School students are excited about the nutritious, healthier options that are now available at their school tuckshop. With delights such as low-sugar homemade muffins, apple slinkies, vegetable wraps and juice boxes is it any wonder?

Following the introduction of the Smart Choices strategy into state schools in 2007, many schools have endeavoured to make the swap from soft drinks and hot chips to healthy sandwiches and water or juice.

At Maroochydore Primary School, changes to the menu have meant cutting out foods that have a high sugar, sodium or fat content and are using more fresh foods in preparing the daily meals for the students.

Tuckshop Convenor Mary Ann Zoljan said that keeping the menu appealing to young tastebuds was the key to its success. The most popular food items on their daily menu include muffins and biscuits made on site (low in sugar and fat), wraps using multigrain bread, salads, fresh fruit and diet jelly and custard.

School principal Stuart Maish said, "We've really noticed that not only are the children eating better but their play seems to be sustained and they all have a good amount of energy. It's good for their learning and for them to take on full participation in all school activities. With such positive outcomes with our tuckshop, we're helping them achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind."


Source  :  Sunshine Coast Daily, 1st June 2014