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Should pregnant women be served more than one alcholic drink

A Sunshine Coast bartender was shocked when a six month pregnant woman requested a second alcoholic drink.  Being new to the hospitality industry he was shocked to learn that he could not refuse service.  Other staff mentioned that she sat in a smoking area and came in for His manager said that was a "moral judgment" as there were no grounds to refuse service.

The bartender questioned what the point of the "Responsible Service of Alcohol" certificate was if bartenders were forced to serve pregnant patrons despite the enormous amount of research highlighting the negative effects on unborn children.

Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie confirmed there is no legislation preventing pregnant women being served alcohol.
"The Liquor Act 1992 prohibits a person, on licensed premises, from supplying liquor to minors and disorderly or unduly intoxicated persons. The Liquor Act does not contain any provisions prohibiting the sale of liquor to persons who are pregnant," Mr Bleijie said.
However, he said the risks associated with drinking alcohol or smoking while pregnant were well documented.

"I would encourage pregnant women to consider the health of their unborn baby in all their activities and seek medical advice if there are any concerns," he said.



Source:  Sunshine Coast Daily 24 September 2013

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