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Showing Your Commitment with a Food Handling Certificate

Your food handling certificate is a badge of honor, not a hassle!

A food handling certificate might seem like a terribly simplistic credential to have to obtain prior to owning or managing a restaurant. After all, if you’re in the restaurant business at all, you probably have a good understanding of how to handle food, right? Even if you aren’t in the restaurant business, most of this stuff is just common sense! Storing and refrigerating food properly, cooking to proper temperatures, and keeping your working area clean… not exactly rocket science. If you’ve never had any health code violations, why should it be necessary to renew your food handling certificate or have new management obtain theirs?

Look at it this way: engaged couples don’t sign prenuptial agreements because they’re planning on divorcing and going after each other’s money. They also don’t wait until they are going through a divorce to sign the agreement. They sign it as a way of making a commitment to treat each other with honor and integrity. It’s a way of reassuring the other person that you are not entering the marriage with any ill intentions. You can look at a food handling certificate the same way. Obtaining your certificate is a way of assuring your customers that you have nothing to hide; you intend to go about your business in a way that is proper, ethical, and, of course, clean. If you were intending to violate the terms of your food handling certificate, you wouldn’t have put so much time and energy into obtaining one in the first place.

You see, you don’t just get to have a food handling certificate. You can’t just fill in a simple application or buy one online. You must undertake some training in order to obtain your certificate. Going through this training shows your customers you’re committed to food safety and are always looking for ways to improve and new preventative measures to take. Obtaining your certificate is best practice, and it is mandatory that all licensed food venues have a trained food safety supervisor, so that you can’t plead ignorance when violations take place. Your certificate is there to hold you accountable for the food handling practices of your restaurant. This might sound like an annoying obstacle, but really, it just gives you another chance to reflect the pride you take in your business. Consistently meeting the standards of your food handling certificate will give you yet another aspect of your business that you can be proud of and show off to all of your customers.

Getting your food handling certificate isn’t merely a formality or a hassle; it’s your responsibility as the owner or manager of a restaurant, and it’s also a commitment to your customers and staff. It’s a commitment to cleanliness, proper practices, and food safety that lets your customers know how serious you are about food safety. So stop your complaining, get your food handling certification, and show those customers how serious you are about them! It’s worth it in the end.