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Simple Food Safety Tips for Retailers

Food businesses owe it to their customers to serve food that is safe. A little too obvious? You'd be surprised!  After all,  food safety standard codes have been developed to protect those consuming food purchased from or at your business premises. In further support of this, most food businesses must have a certified food safety supervisor.

It is imperative to ensure not only that all foods are correctly labelled in order to identify the ingredients that each contains but that all of the people in your food business have the required skills and knowledge to keep food safe.

The bugs that cause food poisoning will not grow when the temperature of individual foods is properly controlled and certain foods must be kept separate in order to prevent cross-contamination. It is also worth keeping in mind that food allergies could be an issue with some of your customers so it is something to remain aware of.

For all food businesses the importance of maintaining rigorous cleaning regimes cannot be overstated. All equipment should be sanitised and squeaky clean. It is also highly recommended to have a dedicated handwash basin with handwash and paper towel readily available in order for all staff to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene.

Finally, cover and store food securely so that your business does not attract any 'unwanted' visitors. This will help to prevent your customers from becoming sick and from you incurring fines, being subject to prosecution, or, heaven forbid, finding yourself on your food authority's name and shame list.


From : NSW Food Authority, May 14 2013