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Student rewarded with tuckshop voucher for saving toddler

Kyle Topliff, a Noosa high school student, has been rewarded with a special certificate and a $5 tuckshop voucher for rescuing a toddler who had jumped into a pool without his floaties on.

"We were standing around the pool, the adults were talking, and I was eating some chocolate out of a bag when I saw that the boy was in the pool. I just jumped in the pool and saved him. We did surf safety last year, which just taught us safety around the beach and pools and water," Kyle said.

The boy's parents were deeply appreciative of Kyle's actions and were truly shocked at how short a time it took for their young son to get into trouble literally before their eyes.

Kyle's heroics were recognised with a Student of the Week award at his school and he was also presented with a $5 voucher to spend at the school tuckshop. Year8 - 9 co-ordinator Adam Baker praised Kyle's actions, stating that he had "made them all very proud."

"I'm very proud of myself. My parents said it was a really good thing to do."

An awesome example of the fact that there are some great kids out there!


Source  :  Sunshine Coast Daily, 2 April 2014