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Submissions sought over red meat production/processing food safety standards

The Federal Government is moving to standardise food safety requirements with regard to the red meat sector. At present existing state and territory laws may inhibit investigation of food safety matters through the entire meat supply chain.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand CEO Steve McCutcheon said, in regard to the proposed standard, that “the standard recognises that existing state and territory laws already cover such issues as animal feed and water, traceability and processing activities. What the proposed new standard will do is bring all these issues under the one umbrella so that if a food safety incident occurs, regulators will be better-placed to investigate food safety matters through the entire supply chain.”

Although Australia enjoys a high level of food safety protection, just as with many other countries, continually improving food safety is an ongoing challenge. The Australian Governments agree that food safety needs to be managed throughout all the components of the food supply chain, literally from the paddock to the dinner table. The aim of this is to ensure that consumer’s confidence in the safety of the food that they consume remains high all the while minimising the impact on the food businesses themselves.

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