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Tips to get diners in the door this festive season

Along with hanging your tinsel and stockings, it's time to boost the bookings at your restaurant by getting a marketing strategy into place now so that your establishment is ready to feed the mob of hungry Christmas shoppers.

Festive family dinners, office parties, friends catching up, business leaders conducting client dinners ... the list of potential opportunities to fill your tables is almost endless. Think about ways that you will draw new diners to your restaurant as well as inviting your regulars back to share the festive season with you. In such a competitive industry it is imperative that you maximise each and every opportunity to attract potential customers.


8 tips to get diners in the door this festive season


So what are you waiting for? Here are some tips to help you promote your establishment more effectively at this time of the year so that you may claim your piece of the action.

  • Highlight your food and seasonal menu  -  particularly on social media
  • Lots of weary shoppers  -  a christmas shopping dinner deal or early eater's special
  • Time for budgeting  -  offer discounts to locals if book by a certain date or free dessert with main deals
  • Reward loyalty  -  offer regulars an exclusive deal to foster an ongoing relationship
  • Office entertaining  -  offer special corporate packages for local businesses ... make it easy for them
  • Personal mail  - don't underrate the value of sending a Christmas card to your regulars
  • Make the experience memorable  - a glass of bubbly on arrival, live music, bon-bons 
  • Continue into January  -  offer your guest in December a reason to return in the New Year

Most of all, make sure that both staff and customers alike enjoy the festive season at your restaurant.



Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 24 November 2014