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U2's Bono brings fight against AIDS to Oz

Renowned chef and owner of Sydney's O Bar and Dining, Michael Moore, is delighted to be named as the Australian Ambassador for the Eat (Red) Drink (Red) Save Lives campaign.

The campaign, which runs for the entire month of June, aims to highlight the continuing fight against AIDS and forms part of (Red), the organisation that was founded by Bono from U2 along with Bobby Shriver. The event aims to raise funds in order to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS through special food and beverage events across the world.

Moore's Sydney restaurant is creating special dishes for the occasion which highlight the Eat (Red) Drink (Red) ethos in its restaurant and bar, as well as creating a special (Red) cocktail. For every (Red) item purchased $2 will be donated to the campaign.

"We love creating incredible moments around food, and to be able to turn it into something which can help fight AIDS is an honour. As we prepare to get busy in the kitchen and behind the bar, we encourage our customers to come in and join the campaign by enjoying our special (Red) menu and (Red) cocktail during June," Moore said.

Moore joins other (Red) ambassadors Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock and fellow chef from the USA Mario Batali.


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 28 May 2015