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Valentine's Day Food Safety


The last thing you want to do on Valentine’s Day is to end up in hospital with food poisoning. It should be a day of romance, flowers, chocolates and hearts.
So to make sure your day of romance doesn’t end up with you poisoning your date, you just need to take some care when planning. Remember that bacteria are not romantics and every day is the same to them!
Eating out
Its nice to think that all restaurants are safe to eat at, unfortunately this is not always the case. We are all human, and as such, human error does occur on occasion, and this human error could result is you or your date ending up with food poisoning. There are a couple things to look for when selecting the correct restaurant:
  • Research! Go online, google the restaurant, check out reviews. Even ask some of your friends or family for their opinion. The best recommendation is word of mouth.
  •  Avoid restaurants that have low health department grades. Generally the lower the score the higher the chance of unsanitary conditions, which could result in food poisoning.
  • If the restaurant is visually dirty, ie tablecloths, utensils, bathrooms, then chances are, what’s going on behind closed doors is likely to be worse.
  • If a meal comes out lukewarm, send it back! Food sitting in the danger zone are susceptible to bacterial growth. Ingest enough bacteria and it may be a hospital trip to end the night.
Vomiting and stomach cramps are not a gift you want to give your date….
Be mindful of what you order
The main causes of food poisoning are Meat and animal products. Keep the following in mind when order your meal on Valentine’s Day:
  • Do you like your meat rare and still mooing? Perhaps trying moving to medium for the night, the more thoroughly your meat is cooked, the less chance of bacteria growth.
  • Same applies to eggs. They should be thoroughly cooked through and not runny. Raw and runny eggs can contain salmonella.
  • Also be aware that some salad dressings can include raw eggs or anchovies.
  • If you are eating at a sushi restaurant, make sure it is a reputable restaurant that handles and serves food safely.
Let’s face the truth, you want your Valentine’s date to end up in the bedroom, not with someone lying on an uncomfortable hospital bed. Be sure to consider the information above so that you can make sure you do not accidentally poison your special someone.