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The vital importance of an RSA course online to the safety of ALL

There is no doubt that the effects of alcohol on human bodies can be pleasurable and have the potential to increase the enjoyment of many social situations. This is clearly the case for many individuals judging from the consistent and large demand for alcoholic beverages across the world. Even through periods where the sale of alcohol was banned and it was seen as morally repugnant to engage in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, underground markets emerged to satisfy the still-substantial demand. The demand for alcohol is consistent, but the means to regulate the negative consequences is not; currently all those involved with selling alcohol in Australia now have to complete Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training. There is now an RSA course online that makes it easy to receive that training.

Drinking alcohol can clearly be enjoyable, but it also results in impaired judgment and possibly dangerous actions. When staff members observe that an individual’s behaviour might be dangerous to him/her and those around them, it is the staff members’ responsibility and legal obligation to see that everything is reasonable done to prevent injury. This might seem like an unreasonable amount of responsibility for one individual to handle, after all many consumers will continue on to do more harm to themselves or others despite all the correct actions by staff. However, when the proper training is given, a few very simple actions often mean the difference between personal injury and getting all customers home safely. Completing an RSA course online not only gives staff and management the skills to ascertain the need for intervention but also to gauge the proper actions and to carry out the proper procedures.

An example of how an RSA course online can mean the difference between a consumer getting injured and a consumer getting home safely is the simple task of calling a taxi. When staff members are given the proper information to gauge whether or not an individual appears intoxicated then staff can also implement the ceasing of service to that individual. Following the ceasing of service, staff will then keep an eye out to make sure that individual does not get in a vehicle and injure himself/herself or other drivers. If proper procedures to ensure the safety of an individual leaving a drinking establishment are not followed, the business and the staff members can be held accountable for resulting injuries and death. Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the leading causes of injury and death in many western countries, including Australia. There are steps being taken to reduce the prevalence of this, including requiring completion of RSA training, but there is still much to be done.

Thankfully, the awareness of drunk driving and other dangerous aspects of overconsumption of alcohol has been steadily increasing. However, those dealing with supplying individuals with alcohol have a vested interest in accumulating the proper knowledge to mitigate these negative aspects. With an RSA course online, staff members can feel informed and prepared to deal with intoxicated customers and have the tools to feel confident in doing their best to ensure the safety of everybody in their workplace.