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What to Expect from Your Food Handling Course

What people taking a food handling course can expect to learn

So, you’ve been employed to work at a restaurant or cafe. This means you should register yourself for a food handling course. If you have never taken a food handling course, or any similar courses, you might be feeling a little nervous. What should you expect? Will it be easy to pass? What happens if you don’t pass? What subject matter will be covered? Rest assured that the course will not be Ivy League material, but it will still require focus and concentration. If you are looking for specifics, here are a few things you might expect.

The food handling course you take will be geared toward people just like you: everyday people who work with food. It’s safe to say that all of the information will be relevant and relatable. Everything you learn will go toward maintaining a high standard of safety and cleanliness for your customers and will also prepare you to meet government regulations if you decide to further your career and become a food safety supervisor, food handling certification is just the first step and you having food handlers knowledge helps the business so that you don’t end up shut down due to violations. The information is all highly practical and applicable to your everyday responsibilities.

If you are a restaurant/cafe owner or manager, you have two levels of responsibility: you must learn to maintain food handling and safety standards yourself, and you must also learn to manage your staff in such a way that they understand and adhere to regulations. Your food handling course will teach you a number of food handling requirements, such as certain foods having to be stored at certain temperatures or cooked to certain temperatures. It will also teach you how to clean and sanitise your work space. It’s not always possible to measure levels of uncleanliness, but if your countertops are smeared with dirt or have unwashed scum on them, you might face a health code violation.

Being a manager or owner, your food handling course will prepare you to complete your food safety supervisor training, this training will give you pointers on how to manage your staff in such a way that regulations are always met. Even if you’ve mastered all of the rules yourself, all of your hard work in maintaining food handling standards could go down the drain if you are away from your post for a day or two. Your food handling course will prepare you to work with your team to communicate standards. It will also help you to know what you should look for to make sure all regulations are continually being met. You will learn how to spot a violation or a potential violation before it gets out of control and you end up getting shut down due to seriously compromised food safety.

Hopefully some of your uncertainty about taking a food handling course is relieved. The course is all about arming yourself and your team with knowledge and tools for communication so that you can serve your customers in a safe and healthy manner. A solid knowledge of food handling procedures benefits everyone, from upper level management to your customers.