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What Not To Do In the Kitchen - Food Safety at Jamie Oliver Cooking School

This short video shows a girl doing many things incorrectly that may cause food poisoning.  See if you can see them too. Click on this link to view video www.youtube.com/watch  There are also some OH&S issues.


1. Wearing jewellery
2. Long hair hanging loose and touches it before handling food


1. Fails to Mise en place.
2.  Knife cutting skills (can accidentally cut her fingers).
3. Leaves knife in sink.
4. Fails to wash her hands before and after handling raw chicken.
5. Uses same chopping board for ready-to-eat food and raw chicken.
6. Contaminates the salt and pepper with dirty fingers.
7. Placing everything on the chopping board (plate, food, etc) prone to accidents.
8. Uses cloths to wipe her hands  (not the same thing as washing hands).
9. Uses the same soiled cloth to wipe the chopping board.
10. Touches baking pan without a potholder.
11. Uses soiled cloth to remove pan from oven
12. Knifes and utensils in the same storage cabinet. (Prone to accidental cuts. Chef knives are always separately places from utensils)
13. Squeezes lemon and catches seeds using her hands.
14. Unneeded knife is left on chopping board and then later on the kitchen top)
14. Scratches head
15. Doesn't wipe spill on floor
16. Coughs on hand and does not wash her hands
17. Places plate on chopping board (bacteria from chopping board clings on to bottom of the plate)

and just saying again : SHE DOES NOT WASH HER HANDS - remember 20 seconds or sing Happy Birthday whist washing your hands.