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World Food Safety Day - April 7, 2015


The World Health Organisation has announced that World Health Day 2015 will be held on 7th April in order to highlight the importance of food safety across the globe. The day will endeavour to raise awareness of the increasing importance of food safety in the current globalisation of the world’s food supply.

With the growing prominence of international trade, many countries are now sourcing a large percentage of their food from overseas. As a result, it is more important than ever before that stringent food safety practices are in place. If food is infected and travelling overseas then there is the real potential for a foodborne disease to be spread internationally.

As utilisation of the global food supply increases, food safety practices need to be above reproach in order to ensure that food remains safe for consumers to ingest. Each and every person in the global community has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of food safety so as to prevent an epidemic of foodborne illness on a global scale.

The World Health Organisation indicates that the following five practices are integral to food safety for those who prepare and handle food :

  1. Keep clean and wash hands regularly
  2. Cook food thoroughly
  3. Separate raw and cooked food
  4. Keep food at safe temperatures (stay out of the danger zone!)
  5. Use raw materials and safe water


Did You Know?

  • Over 200 diseases are caused by ingesting unsafe food that contains harmful bacteria, viruses, chemical substances or parasites  .... Click here for 10 facts on food safety
  • Every year it is estimated that at least 2 million deaths occur from contaminated food or drinking water ....Click here for a food safety fact sheet


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Campaign Essentials for World Health Day 2015

  • Download posters, banners and visual materials here
  • Get your World Health Day toolkit here
  • Click here to watch four World Health Day videos!


Source  :  World Health Organisation website