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Your business needs these three people

With just over two million registered Australian businesses according to statistics from the ABS, in excess of 1.8 million of those employ fewer than five people.

If teams are built strategically, according to creative business coach Simone Milasas, size is of no issue. She asserts that a small team can be just as efficient and effective as that of a much larger organisation.

"When choosing people to work with in business, it's helpful to know that there are three different types of people that are required for success. When you understand these three types of people and recognise which one you are, you are then able to create optimal success by bringing in the people who will add the components that may currently be missing," says Milasas.

The three people you need in your business

She contends that businesses thrive when they incorporate team members from the following three categories :

  • Connectors  :  They love to talk and are very good at it. They ususally have lots of phone numbers in their contact list and are natural salespeople as they can talk to anyone about anything. The way they connect with people is a gift and joyful for them.
  • Movers  :  Movers are always ten steps ahead of everyone else and are the people who know how to run a business. They know what needs to be put in place today to expand the business tomorrow.
  • Creators  :  The creators are the dreamers that are always looking for what they can generate and create next. They see what is possible in the business and in life and are always asking questions such as "What else is possible? What choices do I have?"

Once each role within the team has been identified then running the business can not only be more effective but also, as a direct result, be more successful and fulfilling for employees and employers alike.



Source  : Hospitality Magazine, 22 January 2015